There is no doubt about it: Heroes of Newerth is a hard game. It's not just hard. It is slam-your-mouse-and-yell-at-your-screen hard. On top of that, the community is unforgiving. Unless you know exactly what you're doing, joining a game titled "noobs only" will still often result in a barrage of rudeness and hatred unlike any you've seen in any other game, simply because you are new and inexperienced. In my three days as a noob who came to Heroes of Newerth not knowing anything about it, I was told:
  1. to go kill myself
  2. to go die in a fire
  3. to go play other games
  4. that I'm going to be hunted down and skinned alive
  5. to grow a brain
  6. that I am mentally retarded
  7. that I am a waste of oxygen

This is the general attitude of Heroes of Newerth players towards absolute noobs. In my first week of consistently being badgered, I didn't find a single player who came to my defense. Not one. More times than not, my teammates actually joined in on making fun of me and calling me stupid.

If you sought out this Newbies of Newerth wiki on your own or have been directed here by someone who thought you could use some basic information, the chances are, you've encountered similar situations. You join games that appear to be "noob friendly," you even admit to being a noob and ask for advice, but no matter what you do or however friendly you try to be, you are only greeted with hate.

You are not alone.

So why bother? It's a difficult game, the community is less than friendly, and more than likely, you've died a hundred times with maybe only a handful of kills. There are plenty of other good games to be played, what is the point of sticking with Heroes of Newerth?

Once you overcome the initial adversity and steep learning curve, there is a very rewarding game to be played.

The learning curve of Heroes of Newerth

The learning curve of Heroes of Newerth

Just like in life, the harder the challenge, the greater the reward. Once you become aware of your hero, aware of certain gameplay mechanics and common mind games, knowledgable about item selection, and are able to begin functioning in a team as an actual asset rather than a nuisance, the ensuing gameplay will make your heart race. Every hero fight will have you on the edge of your seat.

The two questions everyone new has is:

  1. "Will I ever reach this point?"
  2. "How long will it take?"

The answers are: "yes," and "about one week."

Your first week will be hellish. Even after you get a feeling for the gameplay and features, you will still find yourself dying again and again in scenarios that you had confidence in. While it merely takes an hour or two to familiarize yourself with the interface, movement, and combat, it will take about a week, a whole lot of deaths, a whole lot of losses, and a significant ego pounding by the community before you start to really develop that intuition about how to outsmart and kill your opponents.

You are getting better even if you don't immediately see the results in your scores.

Heroes of Newerth is not about who has the best equipment, but who plays the smartest. In order to learn a lesson, you're going to have to fail. And even after you've learned it, you're going to fail again in trying to implement it. As an example, one of the earliest lessons you will learn is when to run. Even after you know that you need to start running, you will have an entire day or two where, even though you knew you were going to die, you simply weren't able to react fast enough, or were in doubt and took too long to act. Within about a week of this, you will learn to trust your gut, until eventually it just becomes second nature to run. The time between realization to actualization is long, and during that time, you will likely still die just as often as you did before you realized something. But you are making progress.

Don't give up.

No guide or tutorial is going to magically give you the instinct and feel of the game required to start being useful, but hopefully the wiki we've created here will help you in your early-game with beginner gameplay tips and information, and help serve to reduce that game-ending "F this game" feeling that comes when your death record starts to hit triple digits.

~ Myrothantos

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