Welcome to Newbies of Newerth

This wiki will be a resource for new players of Heroes of Newerth, particularly players with absolutely no prior knowledge of the game. The goal of this wiki is to give players all they need to know about the game to get started, ranging from extremely basic information to beginner strategies and guides, all without using overwhelming acronyms and abbreviations, but rather plain English. This wiki will be limited in scope to only such newbies, and will not go into things like advanced strategies.

Getting Started:

Why You Should Give Heroes of Newerth a Chance

- For those of you who have tried Heroes of Newerth for a little bit but were killed and called a noob so many times that you're considering quitting/giving up.

An Introduction: What exactly is Heroes of Newerth?

- For those of you who have no prior knowledge of the game, or have played a round or two but still just don't "get it."

Latest activityEdit

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